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PGCon 2018 Unconference

11 Jun 2018 16:47

I attended the PGCon 2018 Developer Unconference, on May 30, 2018, which had, as always, a goodly mixture of discussions of things in progress. Schema Deployment I proposed a discussion of schema deployment methods; it fell just short of attracting … Continue reading

Speaking on PostgreSQL

6 Sep 2016 15:37

I’m doing a talk on Sept 13th at GTALUG GTALUG Sept 2016 where I’ll be talking on things new in PostgreSQL 9.5 (released in January 2016) and upcoming in 9.6. Here’s a copy of the material… PostgreSQL New Stuff

Spamalicious times

15 Aug 2016 20:44

Hmmph. Google sent me a “nastygram” indicating that one of my blog entries had something suggestive of content injection. I poked around, and it was by no means evident that it was really so. The one suspicious posting was http://linuxdatabases.info/blog/?p=99 … Continue reading

Nexus 7 on CyanogenMod

9 Mar 2013 00:18

At last… I had been lazy, leaving all alone. In February, I figured I was heading off for a chunk of the month on a cruise, hence wanting tablet for multimedia, but without network, so it was timely not to … Continue reading

Mailman subscriber lists

27 Feb 2013 18:32

As part of “due diligence” for some mailing lists I am involved with (for Slony, see slony-backups ), I discovered the need to dump out Mailman mailing list subscribers. There is a script to do this, written in Python, mentioned … Continue reading

Installing git-annex from Debian unstable

12 Oct 2012 15:06

Installing git-annex from unstable I happen to be a supporter of Joey Hess’ Git Annex Kickstarter project; no big bucks, but it seemed a good thing to help out. I got in the stickers, that were my “project reward,” and … Continue reading

Netboot via PXE

14 Mar 2012 19:47

Netboot via PXE 2012-03-13 Tue Better Network Living with PXE, Scott Sullivan Some links Wikipedia on Preboot Execution Environment PXE Wiki Installing Debian using network booting CentOS PXE setup Cobbler Some notes To get this to work, you need… BIOS … Continue reading

Subversion “deprecation”

11 Oct 2011 19:55

I was a bit tickled by the characterization I saw today in the new Subversion release, describing the deprecation of version 1.5: The Subversion 1.5.x line is no longer supported. This doesn't mean that your 1.5 installation is doomed; if … Continue reading

PostgreSQL 9.1 now available

12 Sep 2011 17:00

Making for some reasonably good news on 9/11, the next version of PostgreSQL, version 9.1, has been released. Major enhancements include: Synchronous replication continuing the enhancements to built-in WAL-based replication Per-column collations to support linguistically-correct sorting down to the column … Continue reading

Music Playing

15 Jun 2011 21:46

My latest “musical experiment” is with Clementine, which was recently added to Debian. I should note things that I have used in the past, and some areas of past pain: XMMS Which has often been nice enough, but which has … Continue reading

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